About Us

If we haven’t already met, I am Baylee Cordero, the owner of Baylee Rose Boutique.
I have always had a love for fashion. Picking out outfits for friends and family is my favorite! I am the go to girl when you need a shopping buddy. I thrive when it came to an all day girls shopping trip. 
Then I had kids. The time I had to shop for myself was little to no time at all. Not to mention not having time I was also struggling with body image after my second child. Recovering from a C-Section this time around was a whole new experience for me. I was struggling to love my new mom pooch that was here to stay. 
Going to the mall or any department store left me feeling defeated. Something I once loved doing was now a shit show between the kids crying and horror of a dressing room. I was over it! 
I remember sitting at home wanting so desperately to get my groove back. To feel good about my new body, and thinking I can’t be the only one! This thought was the root of my dream. I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE. 
I knew I had all the passion to put into this.
I wanted to make not only myself feel good, I wanted to make ALL women feel good! There is such a power in the clothes you wear. They can make you feel like a million bucks or like a sack of potatoes.
I am here to make us all feel like a million bucks ladies.  
I have strived to create a place you can come and feel comfortable shopping. No judgment, no body shaming, no mommy shaming. You need to try on that dress and need me to hold your baby .. I got you sis! 
From what started as a thought, blossomed into a business in the spare room of my home, and grew to our first store front plus website. 
You can do anything you want to! If you have a dream go for it, the biggest regret you will ever have is not trying!